Sunday, October 1, 2017

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle: Stage 2, Lesson 3&4

I'm in Stage 2 of my motorcycle training. I had anticipated something radically different from Stage 1, but the truth of the matter is much of what I do is what I did in Stage 1. But of course there are differences. The main one is greater focus on traffic laws. Instructors observe my driving carefully from behind, and give me feedback on what I should have done according to traffic laws.

The second big difference is learning about potential dangers associated with the monstrously more powerful vehicle than a moped. I did slalom with Mr. I, my favorite teacher who impresses me with his logical explanation and readiness to bring out more out of me when I'm ready for a new challenge. He told me to do slalom on third and fourth gear which force you to drive a lot faster.  I could handle third, but couldn't very well manage fourth. He then told me to do it on second gear again, but this time to use the throttle to increase the speed while doing it. It was not easy! He allowed me to try it a few times, told me how I was doing, and  gave me advice on how I could do better. I knew very well what he was saying, but just couldn't put it into practice! Boy, I felt so miserable that I couldn't impress the teacher with quick acquisition!

Luckily, there was a cancellation, and I took one more lesson on the same day, but this time with a new teacher, Mr. K. I learned with him how to drive around a corner at different speeds, and also about potential dangers, as well as your chance of avoiding accidents when cornering at a safe speed. The lesson was so valuable.

My next visit to the school is almost three weeks ahead. I'm going to take four lessons in a row. Once those are done, I will be only two steps away from graduation. I'm excited about the prospect. Meanwhile, I will take every opportunity to practice what I have learned when I ride my scooter.

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