Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend Calorie Blaster: Intervals, Core, and Sprints

I don't mind running a long distance slowly. But that's when I have plenty of time. Sometimes I don't. Today is such a day. I slept late. It took me hours before I finally felt strong enough to do something around 3 p.m. I was going to meet someone in the evening, so I didn't have time to run a long distance. But I still wanted to have some running training. What can you do when you want to gain a lot from your effort, but don't have a whole lot of time. My solution is intervals. 

Today I did alternate runs between a one-minute jog and a one-minute fast run. I did it ten sets to cover a little less than 5 K. 

I did some core training also. 30 seconds by ten sets, hitting hamstrings, shoulders, obliques, and glutes in addition to the core.

As I did the core training, I felt my heart rates got back to a sufficiently low level. Low enough to push myself further to have some short but real fast runs, namely sprints.  I ran across the park diagonally as fast as I could. It's approximately 150 M. In the first set I was strong. I ran it around 30 seconds. In the second set I was even faster. But it didn't last so long. In the third set I slowed down after 100 M, quickly running out of glycogen. The fourth set was pretty much the same. The last 50 M of the last two sets was suffocating. But it gave me a feeling that I gave it all I had got then. I was satisfied.

The details of today's training is as follows:
Alternate runs between one-minute jog and one minute fast run: 20.06.94.
Core training: 30 seconds by 10 sets.
150 M sprint by 4 sets:
1st: 31.17
Rest: 2:00.58
2nd: 29.84
Rest: 1:59.98
3rd: 33.18
Rest: 2:00.18
4th: 34.04
Warm down: 5:33.62


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