Friday, June 30, 2017

5 K Run

I ran 5 K after coming home from work.
I paid attention only to my cadence--how many steps I take in one minute.
My goal tonight was 190 steps per minute.
I set the countdown timer on my Ironman wrist watch at 1 minute,
and check my cadence every minute.
They all fell between 184 and 192.
I ran the 2.5 K loop near my house twice.
The first lap was 12:18.68.
The second was 12:23.83.
I had a red flickering light on the back of my running cap,
and a white flickering light on the front of my trunk.
I fixed it on a fitness runner band from a dollar shop,
and wrapped it around my waist.
Both of the lights are from the dollar shop too.
I wear them so as not to freak out pedestrians in the dark,
and also to avoid getting hit by cars.
I recommend you to do it if you run late at night.
I am planning to run to a local event organized by a friend of mine
from my high school days on Sunday.
The venue is 11 K from home, but the route leading there is rich in undulation and good for stimulating legs and cardio.
Very excited to do it.

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