Wednesday, June 21, 2017

10 K Run + 1-Minute Alternate Run by 8 Sets

It's been a while since I last ran. It was two Mondays ago that I ran 26 K between home and my high school friend's architectural design office in Central Sakura. It took me awhile to recover from the fatigue, and once I recovered, I did too much muscle training and wasn't in a mood to go for a long run. And this past Monday I donated my blood, and I was told to refrain from anything physically too strenuous. Two days have passed since, and finally I felt strong enough to hit the road. I started off at my new full marathon target pace of 5:15/K, aiming to lap the 2.5 K loop near my house in 13:07.00. But I ended up running each lap a lot faster. When I finished 10 K, I was strong enough to do something more, but was a bit bored of running the same loop again, so after resting for two minutes, I did one-minute alternate run. I did it 8 sets. The alternate run is my recent favorite. It's a one-minute quick run followed by a one-minute jog. I like it for a couple of reasons. First, it's a good way to stimulate cardio. I can elevate my heart rate immediately. And since each quick run is short, I can run a lot faster than in other intervals. Second, I can get rewarded with a short rest at a shorter interval, so it's easier to stay motivated. By combining a long run at a comfortable pace and a highly intensive session, I was able to stimulate various systems of my body. It's one of my athletic goals--versatility. I want to have the ability to adjust my systems so that I can maintain high performance under varieties of race conditions.

The details of tonight's training is as follows:
1st 2.5 K: 12:46.89
2nd 2.5 K: 12:48.65
3rd 2.5 K: 12:44.49
4th 2.5 K: 12:27.42
Sub-total 10 K: 50:47.49
Rest: 2:00:00
1-minute alternate run by 8 sets: 16:00.00
Warm down: 1:57.90
Total 12.76 K: 1:10:45


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