Monday, May 29, 2017

24.4 K Test Run in Tesla Baretrek

With one project done and my stomach filled with three 150 g steaks at lunch, I was finally able to recover my usual energy level. So I went for a training run in a new pair of minimalist shoes that I bought from Amazon last night. They arrived this evening. They are Tesla Baretrek. I made a round trip between home and the architectural design office of my friend from senior high in Central Sakura.

The Tesla Baretrek has a highly competitive price (2,533 yen after a 15% discount), compared with with other minimalist shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers and MUTEKI.
They are just a little bit tight around the ball as they seem designed for foreign runners who generally have narrower feet. But that doesn't seem to affect your performance even if you have wide feet like I do, because the top material is fairly soft and flexible.
They are extremely light, which provides a significant advantage in races, especially long ones.
The traction is very good. It has a firm grip on the pavement. Hill climb was easy.
Stability is sufficient. I was a bit worried at first as the material is soft. But it holds your feet firmly enough. Your feel don't slide or anything even if you run fast around a sharp corner.
The only problem, though, is that the heel got significantly scraped off after just one 24 K plus run. So you can say good traction is traded off by poor durability. But considering the price (a little less than a dinner steak in Akasakamitsuke), maybe I can't complain...
I think they can be good shoes for walking and running in parks that are covered with grass or wood chips. There are some color variations, so they are good for city use, also. I bought orange. But blue looks cool too.
The details of today's run are as follows:

Home~McDonald's Terasaki location 49:53.57
Pee & Fuel Break @ McDonald's 9:01.53
McDonald's~Morita Architectural Design Office 12:49.85
Halfway Point 1:11:44
Pee & Fuel Break @ Lawson's 8:30.23
Morita Architectural Design Office~Nakashizu Central Park 51:35.34
Pee & Hydration Break @ Nakashizu Central Park 2:00.35
Nakashizu Central Parl~Home 13:30.42
Total 24.4 K 2:27:21

The course is rich in undulation and good to prepare for running hilly races. There are minimum six hills. They are all long, and some are sickeningly steep. I should hit this route more often.

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