Monday, May 22, 2017

Morning Run

I went for a training run this morning.
I ran 1:19:21 to cover a little less than 12 K,
and did some forearm and core training in the park
that is located at the halfway point.
The course includes a trail along the Hanamigawa River.
It's mostly a mixture of firm dirt and gravel,
and easier on my knees than running on concrete.
Also the trail is mostly in the shade,
so I was able to avoid the strong sun of early summer.
It's mostly flat, but there's some variation in undulation here and there.
I ran in minimalist split-toe shoes MUTEKI.
Running on gravel in minimalist shoes isn't easy.
You need extra care to minimize landing shock.
So it's good for checking your form.
If you hop too much, or your strides are too wide, it hurts.
It shows it to you if your form is off.
I might want to do it more often.
That I can avoid the sun during summer is a big merit.
I saw quite a few walkers and cyclists along the way.
Most looked retired. Some looked like workers on their way to work.
I exchanged Good morning with one of them.
The majority weren't so sociable.
I took a quick shower, had a grapefruit, and made myself some miso soup
with spinach, hijiki seaweed, egg, nameko mushrooms in it.
I also had nuts and raisins.
Once I had a light breakfast, my energy is back.
I might get out again to burn some more calories,
doing high intensity cardio.
For today's running route, click below:
The breakdown is as follows:
5.9 K: 36:07.46
Forearm & Core Training: 10:53.34
5.9 K: 32:21.02
Total 11:8 K: 1:19:21

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