Monday, May 15, 2017

5 K Run + Intervals

I ran 5 K at a comfortable pace, and then after that did some intervals.
The first 5 K was run in 26 minutes.
I rested for about four minutes, and then started the intervals.
Tonight I ran 650 M fast, rested for one minute, and repeated it four more times
to cover altogether 3.25 K.

5 K: 26:10.98
Rest: 4.00.00
1st 650 M: 2.29.47
Rest: 0.59.95
2nd 650 M: 2.28.82
Rest: 1.00.30
3rd 650 M: 2.26.82
Rest: 1.00.45
2nd 650 M: 2.29.28
Rest: 1.00.44
3rd 650 M: 2.45.11

Though I felt refreshed after today's training,
I haven't run beyond 12.5 K ever since I ran the Sakura Marathon.
I kind of miss running a very long distance slowly.
I might want to do it sometime this week.

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