Thursday, May 25, 2017

5 K Run

I ran 5 K tonight.
I wanted to run at least 10 K,
but soon after I started running,
I realized that my condition wasn't so good.
It took me 13 minutes and a half to lap the usual 2.5 K loop.
Normally I can easily cover it under 13 minutes.
I tried to pick up the speed in the second lap,
but the time was 12:57.64--barely under 13 minutes.
I decided to stop after the second lap,
walked back home from the finish,
and had a light meal to recharge my body's batteries.

I may need a good rest this weekend.
Something is off.
I felt a bit dizzy while running, feeling as if I was walking in a cloud.
I had a similar feeling on and off while teaching over the last two or three days.
Or the first symptom goes back to the end of last week,
where my left vision was crooked, with a residual image remaining in the left vision for quite a while.
Then the new week started, and I felt a momentary loss of the sense of balance immediately after I woke up, and also while teaching.
There is no pain.
There is no sick feeling.
I hope I am just tired, because there are zillions of reasons
that I should be tired, teaching the lessons
that used to be covered by a former co-worker of mine
who left the company recently.

I am going to rest for a few days, skipping cardio and muscle training altogether
so that I can give my mindbody time for recovery.

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