Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Upper Body Home Workout

Between April and mid August I almost never join any serious running races,
except for a couple of fun relay events where my friends need a runner and I pitch in. But just because I don't run races doesn't mean that I don't run for training. In fact, I do things that I don't usually do during race season.

For example, I do a lot of upper body exercise. Apparently, it can create a big problem for long-distance running, because muscle in your upper body is simply extra weight. Nonetheless, I do train it because it simply feels good to have your upper body pumped up in hot season because you get out in T-shirt most of the time.

If you want to get a glimpse of what I do to build my upper body,
please click the link below and watch my fitness video on You Tube.
You can see some good exercise you can do from hom.e

Though I said that extra weight in your upper body is a disadvantage,
it's not necessarily entirely so. Because when you run with a slightly heavier upper body, it puts extra resistance to your legs, so the whole running training now becomes something like a weighted run. You can build strong legs by carrying extra weight. So that's another reason why I do something that apparently goes against maximizing benefit in long-distance running.

The first race in my race season 2017-2018 is in mid September: Kyoho no Oka 20 K Road Race. I will have been most built by then. And then from that race on, I train my upper body less and less, slowing shaving off my upper body muscle while focusing my entire attention on strengthening cardio and legs.

I'm not sure it works for other people, but it does for me.

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