Monday, April 3, 2017

Kyokushin Basic Training

I started basic training of Kyokushin Karate.
It's more accurate to say I re-started it,
because I used to do it in full swing in my mid twenties,
and ever since then I have been doing it every now and then.
Anyway, it'd been quite awhile since I did it last.
Upper body training was a breeze.
But the kicks!
Oh, I couldn't believe how much I had lost flexibility.
It's going to take a while to bring my lower body strength, stability and flexibility back to a decent level .
I am going to make the basic training, both upper and lower body,
my new morning routine for weekdays.
Let's see how my mindbody will transform.
To see the details of the training, please see the You Tube video below
that was shot a few years ago.

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