Thursday, February 23, 2017

5 K Recovery Run

Three days from the Ohme 30 K Road Race I re-started my training on Wednesday morning. I began with a short slow jog near my house. There is a park with a 500 M track. I ran around it ten times to cover 5 K.
The lap for each K and the split from the second K on are as follows:
1st K: 5:28.04
2nd K: 5:23.82 (10:51.86)
3rd K: 5:31.74 (16:23.60)
4th K: 5:33.93 (21:51.53)
5th K: 5:09.45 (27:06.98)
Total 5 K: 27:06.98

My next training is Thursday night. It's going to be a 10 K recovery run.
I am going to double the distance. The pace will be a little faster than today.
Hopefully somewhere around 5:20/K. It's a sub 3:45:00 pace,
which is my target in the coming full marathon on March 26.

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