Thursday, February 23, 2017

10 K Recovery Run

I just came back from my second training session after the Ohme 30 K Road Race.
Today I doubled the distance from my previous recovery run and ran 10 K.
Tonight I was more aware of my pace than on Wednesday morning.
My target at Sakura Asahi Kenko Marathon 2017 is to finish under 3:45:00.
And I need to keep an 5:20/K pace on the average.
Today's course was a quarter-pie-shaped circular course in my neighborhood,
which is exactly 2.5 K. If I keep the pace above, I should make each lap in 13:30.00. So that was my target for each lap.

Since I wanted to simulate the race, I changed my footwear from my Vibram Five Fingers that I wore this past Wednesday, to MUTEKI again.

Today's result is as follows:

1st 2.5 K: 13:21.96
2nd 2.5 K: 13:22.44 (26:44.40)
3rd 2.5 K: 13:28.88 (40:14.28)
4th 2.5 K: 12:11.17 (52:24.45)
Total 10 K:  52:24.45 

Should I be able to keep this pace for another three times,
I should be able to finish under 3:45:00.
But life is not so easy.
The result of the Ohme race has proved that I CAN up to 30 K.
In fact, I can keep a much faster pace.
But the real challenge always comes after that.
And I am going to slowly build the ability to sustain that pace beyond it.

My next training is next Monday. For the first time in my running training history
I am going to introduce dual training. One in the afternoon, and another at night.
I am planning to run 22.5 K first. And after a good rest and dinner I will have another session. This time the distance is 15 K. So altogether I will be running 37.5 K.

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