Sunday, February 26, 2017

2 Hour Run in Central Tokyo

I ran for two hours in Central Tokyo this morning to cover the distance of 24. 6 K.
This is the first part of what I would call double training that I have introduced for the first time.

The purpose of dual training is to increase daily training distance. In the past I would normally train maximum one time in one day. Thirty K was a max. But limiting the number of training session in a day to only once significantly limit monthly millage. So I decided to train twice in one day in order to cover a longer total distance.  For example, if I run 22.5 K in the morning, and another 15 K in the evening, my total distance is 37.5 K, which is well beyond my former daily limit. Of course, running shorter distances twice isn't the same as running 30 K at once. But once I have begun this training, I intend to slowly increase my training distance until I run at least 30 K in one of the two daily sessions. I hope this will improve my endurance beyond that critical distance.

This morning I left my hotel in Nippori shortly before 8:00 a.m. I went through Uguisudani and Shinobazu Park to reach Chuo Street. After that I went south along Chuo Street down to Nihonbashi and took a right to head for the Imperial Palace. Once I reaced the Palace, I ran around the Palace almost twice. It's funny I saw two barefoot runners along the way. One in Shinobazu Park, and the other outside the Palace. I guess more and more runners are begining to realize the benefit of minimizing protection.

Near the end of my second lap around the Palace with one more K remaining, I opted out from the route away into Sukiyabashi eventually to reach Ginza, where I took a left into Chuo Street again, and this time went northbound back to Nippori through Shinobazu Park.

It was such a refreshing experience to run in the morning in Central Tokyo through business people in suits, some looking athletic even in suits, but many of them out of shape and looking already tired even though it's the beginning of a new week.

There were frequent traffic stops at intersections, so when I was finally back at my hotel, it was almost 10:30 a.m. As the checkout time was approaching, I took a warm quick shower. Warm water on my cold and tired body felt great. It was one of the most rewarding moments after a good run.

No sooner had I finished the shower than the checkout time came. I went to Chinese Restarant "Bazoku" near JR Nippori Station, and enjoyed having 'Gomoku Soba'. It was a bit pricey compared with the same kind of dish from other restaurants, but their noodles are home-made, and they are somewhat different from the kind that I am used to eat, so I was quite satisfied. I want to go there again.

My next training is tonight. It's going to be a 15 K run. I have no idea how I will be running it, because I have never run more than 10 K twice in the same day. But I hope I will have recovered by tonight and withstand the new challenge strongly. Because that's my whole purpose: to become a stronger version of myself.

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