Thursday, April 12, 2018

Running Training in MUTEKI: 350 M Intervals Followed by 6 K Run

I did short and fast intervals tonight after coming home from work. There is a 350 M stretch near my house. I did five reps aiming to come under 1:20. I achieved the goal in the first two out of five. I ran in my split-toe minimalist shoes MUTEKI. I didn't run barefoot because my soles cannot withstand the friction at the moment of landing if I do. After the intervals I went on to jog 6 K. It seemed much harder to run the distance that I'm so used to running, because of the fatigue resulting from the intervals. But when I finally came home, I felt so fulfilled. 

My chest still aches from intensive morning swing push-ups that I did yesterday. I can also expect some soreness in my forearms because I hit them earlier this morning in arm hang workout. But that doesn't mean there is nothing I can do. I'll find part of my body that remains intact, and train it tomorrow morning. 

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