Friday, April 20, 2018

6 K Barefoot Run Inspired by Barefoot Marathon Japanese Record Holder Mr. Shoji Takaoka

I ran 6 K after coming home from work. Today I ran for a specific purpose: to correct my running form. I felt a need to do so because I had pain in right knee and foot. To understand the cause of the pain, I read a book entitled "Zero-Base Running" written by barefoot marathon Japanese record holder Mr. Shoji Takaoka. 

According to him, the pain is caused because of inefficient coordination of your body. To give you one example, when you land on the ground on your foot, the landing position should come just a little bit behind the point that is right under your body's central gravity. You can naturally create a movement forward. 

On the other hand if the landing position is ahead of that point, your foot is serving as a brake, killing the momentum. This way, you need to waste extra energy to create a movement forward. 

My pain is a sign that I was doing the latter without realizing it. 

So tonight I applied some of the advice given in the book to make sure my feet landed where they should. 

I immediately noticed a big difference, and finished the run with a time that's slightly faster, and feeling less exhausted. 

I will continue to focus on my running form for a while, and would like to share with my readers things that worked for me. 

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