Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Final Phase Conditioning: 35-Minute Barefoot Run with Alternate Runs Mixed In

With four more days to go before the half marathon in Hadano City this coming Sunday, I had a brief practice run as a final phase conditioning activity. First I jogged for ten minutes. I felt reasonably warmed up, so did alternate runs. In this training you run fast for one minute, and then jog for one minute. This is one set. I did it 8 sets. Finally as warm down I jogged for about eight minutes to make it an approximately 35 minute running session. I did all this completely barefooted. I carefully selected the road where the surface was smooth, because at this stage any damage on the sole should be strictly avoided.
Tomorrow I will do some stretching. On Friday I will give myself a complete rest, as I have a very early start on Saturday morning, and I have a very busy schedule all throughout Saturday. On Saturday night I want to eat some good food to fuel myself for the race. No alcohol will be taken on Saturday night, as it would exhaust my liver.  I should take a look at the course map soon to have a mental rehearsal.

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