Thursday, November 23, 2017

Midnight Hill Repeats and Jog (Total 24.52 K)

Four days after the 10 K road race on Sunday I felt reasonably recovered, so I re-started my running training for my next race that takes place on Dec. 3. This time the distance is double. It's a half marathon. I proved in the last race that I can maintain a pretty decent speed up to the distance of 10 K. But whether I can keep the same pace for another 11 K is another story. I must work on longer distance endurance. So I decided to do for 25 K today, a distance far beyond the race distance. I jogged for 3 K to the hill stretch. And there I did 12 hill repeats. I was planning to do more, but I had a slight pain in my right knee, so I left the hills, jogged back to where I started off, and then ran the 2.5 K loop near my house three times. I rested whenever pain was back in the right knee. It's not a race. It's a practice. I even did some stretching before taking off for the last lap around loop. A brief rest helped me reset my motivation, allowing me to run a distance that fell slightly short of the original target, but that was good enough: 24.52 K.

The result of tonight's training is shown below:
2.92 K:18:37.16
<Hill Repeats>
1st K: 5:17.32
2nd K: 5:25.50
3rd K: 5:16.35
4th K: 5:21.99
5th K: 5:21.87
6th K: 5:20.18
7th K: 5:26.42
8th K: 5:22.92
9th K: 5:30.06
10th K: 5:28.47
11th K: 5:22.55
12th K: 5:33.80 (slight knee pain)
2 K: 12:45.76
2.55 K: 14:39.51
2.5 K: 14.17.10
Stretching: 1:33.68
2:55 K: 14:05.49
Total 24.52 K: 2:20:36

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