Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Midnight Barefoot Intervals: 8 Sets by 1.3 K (Total 10.4 K)

I did barefoot intervals for the first time in my life. There is a 650 M quarter-pie-shaped loop near my house. You run it twice to cover 1.3 K. That's one set. I did it eight times with a short rest between sets. I started off with a short rest of a minute and a half. Then I gradually made the rest longer as I went through the sets, first to a minute and 45 seconds, and then eventually to two minutes, but I didn't make it any longer than that, because too long a rest would kill the benefit of this type of training.

The detail of tonight's training is shown below:
1st 1.3 K: 5:40.06
Rest: 1:30.31
2nd 1.3 K: 5:30.32
Rest: 1:45.35
3rd 1.3 K: 5:35.29
Rest: 1:45.43
4th 1.3 K: 5:32.65
Rest: 2:00.23
5th 1.3 K: 5:31.32
Rest: 2:00.35
6th 1.3 K: 5:31.12
Rest 2:00.22
7th 1.3 K: 5:34.31
Rest: 2:00.31
8th 1.3 K: 5:39.44
Total 10.4 K: 57:36.71

My next training will probably be this coming Sunday. I am planning to do 13 sets by 1 K hill intervals. It's going to be my last major training session before the 10 K race scheduled for Nov. 19. I got a couple of blisters on my right sole, and they hurt a little. But hopefully they will have healed by then.

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