Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Two Personal Goals Considered for the Second Half of Year 2017

I have two new goals considered for the latter half of this year. That’s in addition to all the fitness goals related to the races that I’m scheduled to run. One is getting a motor-cycle license. Right now I only have the regular driver’s license that allows me to drive cars up to the size of 8 tons and scooters with the engine size of under 50cc. I am planning to get the license that allows you to drive up to motor-cycles whose engine size is max 400 cc. It costs around US$900, and takes a months or two to get it.
The second goal is a fitness goal. I want to develop my bi-ceps. My bi-ceps are the most underdeveloped part of my body. The biggest reason is that I have never chosen to focus on this particular muscle. As I look back on it, I really don’t know why I haven’t, but my guess is that when someone set his mind to build muscles, the first muscle he focuses on is his bi-ceps, probably because of their association with Popeye and strength. Well, then, why didn’t you focus on that symbolic muscle? I guess I just didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing. I wanted to be different.
They why the change? One reason is Jeff Cavalier. Jeff is a fitness guru who shares zillions of fitness videos on You Tube. While helping many celebrities with their physical development, Jeff himself is shamelessly fit, ripped to shreds to the core, and his body never looks artificially inflated. Gathering from this athletic ethics which permeates through his speeches, he probably never depends on steroid, or mystery chemicals, or God knows what. I highly respect Jeff. And he’s got massive bi-ceps. And from what he says, he never had any genetic advantage as a young man. He simply did endless bi-cep curls throughout his adolescence and into now.
But he says two additional efforts helped him. One is metabolic resistance. By that I mean that you can increase the effectiveness of the bi-cep curl by elongate it eccentrically halfway down, instead of all the way down, stopping, and then pulling it back up concentrically. This way you bi is constantly under tension throughout the effort. The metabolic resistance is maximized. One note of caution is that when you do this exercise, the weight of your dumbbell should be reduced only slightly. I don’t have any dumbbells, and I use fitness rubber bands instead. When I do, I adjust the length and reduce resistance.  
The second tip, according to him, is stimulating bi-ceps eccentrically while increasing the weight of your dumbbell. When you increase the size of your weight, it becomes harder to bring up the dumbbell. In some cases, it’s simply too heavy to lift. Many people simply give up. But you don’t have to. There is something you can do. First, you can cheat up the weight, with the aid of the other hand if necessary. And then you slowly elongate the muscle eccentrically, taking 12 seconds. I feel this is super effective, because as I do it, I can actually see the massive tension in the muscle triggered through this effort, and that your bi literally blows up with each effort.
My bi-ceps have always looked a lot smaller in size than my shoulders, which is normal. But when I saw those of Jeff Cavalier which apparently looked larger his already quite large balling ball shoulders, I thought, “I want to get those.”

I am planning to make a follow-up video to demonstrate the two approaches to maximizing muscle gain and sharing it with you soon.

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