Sunday, August 20, 2017

15.4 K Run

I went for a practice run on Sunday afternoon because the temperature wasn't so high, and it seemed a good condition for a long run. I didn't want to run a flat course. I wanted resistance. I chose a 1 K route with two slopes and did 12 repeats. Different from training on a flat course, it forces you to change your running from depending on the incline of the slope, and therefore good for preparing for a hilly race that is scheduled within a month. I felt my running efficiency hadn't been lost so much though I didn't run much at the end of July and at the beginning of August. It even felt as if the form had been kind of solidified during that non-practice period. I felt strong around 10 K, but slowly ran out of gas after that. I hope to build my long distance endurance slowly. I am planning to do two things. The first is double training. I am going to run again tonight in order to increase my total daily mileage. The second is sticking to around 15 K distance for a while instead of increasing distance right away. The process of endurance building should be slow and steady.

Today's result is as follows:
1.7 K: 9:15.75
1 K: 5:09.46
1 K: 5:19.42
Water break: 20.29
1 K: 5:10.12
1 K: 5:11.56
1 K: 5:08.41
1 K: 5:08.96
Water break: 20.13
1 K: 5:03.34
1 K: 5:16.66
Water break: 20.20
1 K: 5:12.87
1 K: 5:21.80
Water break: 23.07
1 K: 5:18.10
1 K: 5:19.97
1.7 K: 10.21.90
Total 15.4 K: 1:23.42

I did some park workout on my way home to hit biceps and chest. I didn't last very long as I was already significantly exhausted from the run, but it added a good finishing touch to it. I felt pleasantly burned out for the afternoon.

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