Thursday, March 1, 2018

6 K Night Hill Jog Making Double Training

I ran 6 K after coming home from work. I ran in a pair of Baretrek by Tesla. They are minimalist running shoes. They are a bit narrow for my feet, but not to the point where they become uncomfortable. I wore socks too, which is unusual of me. They are partly for protecting my feet from friction with the shoes, and partly for keeping my legs warm. It was too warm for long athletic tights, but a little too cold for going out in shorts and no socks. I ran the distance in 31:48.64. I thought I was going as fast as I did earlier this morning, but I wasn't. I was planning to do some intervals too, but I didn't feel too motivated, so I called it a day. After I got home, I made myself simple pasta with butter, olive oil, salt, and dried 'nori' seaweed. It was exquisite. I still don't feel that my motivation is back after running Ohme. Maybe it's because I haven't been able to have a decent sleep because I woke up earlier than usual to go to driving school a few times, and also woke up much earlier than usual to give a corporate seminar once. I'm afraid that I'm suffering from a minor shortage of sleep. I should give myself a good rest and wait until I feel strong enough to have some quality session soon.

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