Wednesday, February 28, 2018

6 K Morning Hill Jog

I ran a 6 K shuttle course rich in undulation this morning. It was very warm with daytime highs expected to reach 20 degrees Celsius. I started off at a comfortable pace in aqua shoes. The streets were wet because of a stormy rain in early hours. My legs felt heavy. I couldn't pick up the pace. I waited for my body to warm up. I felt warm spring winds pushing me from behind. For a moment I felt like I had wings. It lifted my spirits a little. I came to a long downhill. I practiced a way of running down a hill that I had learned from a book written by Los Angeles Olympics bronze medalist Charlie Spedding of the UK. There are two ways of approaching a downhill. One way is leaning slightly backward and using each step as a brake. Landing shock is minimum and so is the pressure on your leg joints. But speed is compromised. The second approach is leaning forward and taking wider strides. Landing shock is large and so is the pressure on your leg joints. But if you do it right, speed is maximized almost to the point where you can feel a bit scary. I'd done enough practice with the former. So I practice the latter today. It went well.

Why the running the second half I came across the park where there is fitness equipment. I stopped by there and hit my forearms, lats and biceps. I got a good pump on my upper body.

I jogged back home, took a quick shower and had breakfast. I stopped by a cafe while waiting for my train. Looking out the window I had a sip of coffee. I felt a little high with everything looking kind of whitish. I guess I was having a dopamine rush from the morning run. Is not a bad feeling. I may want to run in the morning more often.

I'm doing my next training tonight. It's going to be another training session. These days I feel a little variety keeps me motivated. As far as long distance training goes, variety is the spice of life is true for me.

Today's result:
6 K: 30:16

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