Sunday, March 11, 2018

Learning to be a Rider of a Large Motor Cycle

Two Sundays ago I took my second last lesson before a qualifying test to complete my course. As I might have written about it before, I got my license to ride a motor bike whose displacement is below 400 cc. I almost bought this motor bike I had always dreamed of owning, but then at the last minute I changed my mind, and decided to go to my driving school again this time to get the license to ride ones whose displacement is 400 cc and beyond. There was a huge discount on tuition fees if you took another course within one year, and I didn't want to miss out on it. Plus, in three years' time when I am officially allowed to do tandem on highways (Japan's traffic law allows you to do it only three years after you become a licensed rider), I would most likely want to ride a large bike because you need a lot of power to cruise comfortably on highways with an passenger sitting behind you.

Anyhow, the skills I needed to learn was two: how to keep balance at a super low speed, and how to keep balance while making a sharp turn. My instructor was Mr. I, one of the most theoretical teachers who is observant and quick at identifying his student's weakness, and very good at explaining why it happens, as well as providing solution. I highly trust him for his expertise.

The first skill, keeping balance at a very slow speed, wasn't so challenging, mainly because I had done it once before with Mr. I while I was still learning to get my first motor cycle license. The second skill, though, was not as easy. I had done this one too before with a smaller motor bike, but it was still awfully hard. I hoped to do better this time around, and I tried my best. But I wasn't able to impress my teacher. Seeing me quite discouraged by my own poor performance, Mr. I consoled my devastated soul by saying that it's not the goal of that lesson to do it perfectly. Knowing how hard it was and that there was always a safer alternative when taking a u-turn was important, Mr. I added. I was relieved.

My last lesson before the qualifying test was scheduled on the following Sunday. But I cancelled it. That's because I had things much more urgent and important. They are preparation for teacher seminars and for Sakura Asahi Kenko Marathon 2018. Motor cycle lesson can wait. I have re-booked my last lesson on the first of April when both the teacher seminars and the marathon will have been over. Then and only then can I give my full attention to getting my new motor cycle license.

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