Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cruise Ks: 8 X 1K @ Half-Marathon Pace (4:30/K) with 60 Seconds Recovery Between Reps

I did cruise Ks. It's a close cousin of the tempo run. It's essentially a sustained effort broken into smaller chunks with a short recovery period between repetitions. It's a great way to get in some lactate threshold work without totally destroying yourself, whereby you can develop your ability to maintain decent performance under the influence of building lactic acid in your leg muscles. It's a decisive element in the final phase of a long-distance race.

Tonight I did 8 reps of 1K at my half-marathon pace of 4:30/K with 60 seconds recovery between reps.

The detail of the training tonight is shown below:
1st K: 4:22.75
Recovery: 1:00.33
2nd K: 4:20.41
Recovery: 1:00.45
3rd K: 4:21.62
Recovery: 1:00.51
4th K: 4:24.65
Recovery: 1:00.25
5th K: 4:27.25
Recovery: 1:00.54
6th K: 4:29.60
Recovery: 1:00.38
7th K: 4:17.53
Recovery: 1:00.23
8th K: 4:19.19
Total 8K: 42:05.69

I ran in aqua shoes that I'm planning to wear at Sakura Marathon on 25th. They are by far the best shoes for me right now. First, they are super light. For a long-distance runner, every extra gram in your footwear is a cause of energy loss. But my aqua shoes are as light as leathers. Second, they immediately correct any inefficiency in my running form, especially cadence. This is because there is little cushioning in these shoes. You inevitably choose the right cadence where landing shock is minimal. Thirdly, they are damn durable, AND cheap. A pair costs US$10. And I'm still using my first pair that I bought nearly half a year ago. I could add a couple of more merits, but I won't, because if I did, more people would buy them, which can result in a higher price! Just kidding. I'm not worried about that at all. Minimalist runners are still a minority.

My next training will be this coming Sunday. It's going to be my last quality session before the race on 25th. I'm thinking of doing another 2-hour race pace run with periodic surges of varied lengths. I may do something else. I don't know yet. Whatever I do, I must carefully choose to do what brings out my potential most without leaving unrecoverable fatigue.

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