Friday, March 2, 2018

Midnight Mixed Training Inspired by Charlie Spedding & Greg Meyer

I ran for a little longer than 40 minutes tonight. Originally nothing was scheduled. For one thing I have a very early start on Saturday morning, so I should crash early to give myself a good rest. Also, I'm scheduled to do some quality training on Sunday, so I should save up energy for it. But nevertheless I ran, because I was in a mood for it. Now that the session is over, and I can see how good I feel, I think I was right about going ahead with it.

I ran because there was something I wanted to put to the test. It's this training I learned while reading "From Last to First" by Los Angeles Olympics men's marathon bronze medalist Charlie Spedding. In prep for a race he did something that he learned from his fellow long-distance runner Greg Meyer, who is best-known as the winner of the 1983 Boston Marathon. The training consist of 20-mile run at a good race pace with occasional surges. The duration of surge varies from one through two eventually to four minutes. There is a five-minute run between surges, but it's not a jog.

The total distance is far shorter than 20 miles, but I did it for about 25 minutes and got a feel for it.

I wrapped up my training tonight with 3 reps of a 350-M sprint. I finished under 1:15 in all three, which is a huge improvement from two attempts ago. It's so empowering to see myself get faster with each attempt.

The details of the training tonight is shown below:
Run at full marathon pace: 1:00.00
Surge: 1:00.00
Run at full marathon pace: 5:00.00
Surge: 2:00.00
Run at full marathon pace: 5:00.00
Surge: 4:00.00
Run at full marathon pace: 5:00.00
Surge: 1:00.00
Jog: 2:26.80
350 M sprint: 1:14.41
Jog: 2:50.13
350 M sprint: 1:12.50
Jog: 3:16.47
350 M sprint: 1:10.86
Jog: 5:41.75
Total: 41:52.92

I ran in Vibram Five Fingers. They were good for fast run, giving me far greater stability, and a far better grip on the road than aqua shoes especially when landing.

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