Sunday, February 11, 2018

Double Training: Total 30 K

These days I try to run the race distance a week prior to the race itself. A 30 K race is scheduled next week. So today was the last chance for me to run that distance. Earlier this afternoon I did 13 sets by 1 K interval training. Including 5 K that I ran as warm up and warm down, I covered 18 K. I was still 12 K short. But then came dinner time. I rested for a few hours as I watched the Pyeong Chang Olympics on TV. Around 10 pm I felt recouped enough, so I threw myself into running wear and hit the road, aiming to run the 6 K shuttle course twice.

The springy warmth of the afternoon was already gone, and it was very chilly. The bloody blisters in my right sole were already flat with the liquid inside all gone, so they didn't bother me. I felt comfortable in aqua shoes. I cruised along in the darkness. As long as the pace was easy, I felt like I could go on forever.

But shortly before I finished my first lap, I felt a sharp pain in my right knee. I know it's not a structural problem. It's my subconscious asking me to stop. So I walked for a few tens of seconds. I started running again. The pain was mysteriously gone. All it takes is a short rest. Well, in fact, that's not entirely true. I also told my subconscious that I would take a short break inside the house. Once a prospect of imminent rest is registered, the subconscious immediately stops acting up. 

I DID take a rest inside the house when the first lap was over. I made myself 'amazake',  sweetened juice made from sake lees. I sat in front of the heater and made myself warm too. I gave myself about twenty minutes. A brief rest with a warm cup of sweetened juice renewed my motivation. I hit the road again for yet another 6 K. 

I ran at a brisk pace at first thanks to the drink, but in no time ran out of gas. The highly intensive training in the afternoon took a toll on my legs. My breathing became hard too. My cardio vascular system was fatigued. The legs weren't in pain, except that the left hamstring felt a bit tense. It's probably because of a few kicks that I gave in the interval training. I didn't want a cramp, so I kept a slow pace until I reached home. 

I ran the first 6 K in 34:10.39, and rested home for 24:36.17. Then I ran the second 6 K in 34:51.02.

Thanks to the double training I covered the distance I wanted to cover. For the next 6 days all I'll do is some core training, stretching, and maybe a short run near my house. At this stage resting is more important than pushing.  

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