Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle: Lesson 6

I woke up early this morning to go to driving school. I had no lesson reserved, but expected to take a spot lesson resulting from cancellation.  I called the school to ask to put my name of their waiting list. When I got to the school. I was the only one on the waiting list, and there was a red stamp over my name that said "Lesson Available".

My teacher was Mr. I. He looked the second youngest among the four teachers that had been assigned to me. Compared with the other teachers, he was directive. He gave me an overall picture of what his lesson was going to cover, and asked me if I had any specific concerns. I told him that I had somewhat contradicting instructions from two teachers as to how to go through the cranks. I answered my question immediately, and I felt relieved. I also told him that I was a bit nervous that there is a specific time requirement with going through a narrow and straight bridge. When he heard that, he suggested doing a practice specifically designed to improve my ability to control the vehicle at an extremely low speed.

<How to Control Vehicle at Low Speed>
Today's lesson with Mr. I gave me enormous confidence with low speed vehicle control. What he told me to do is this. First, you kick the gearshift lever, and get into low gear. Then you release the clutch lever halfway to engage power to the rear wheel. While doing so, you press the foot break, balancing between slowly moving forward and braking if going too fast at all.

Improved balance at low speed has given me confidence in:
1) Going through the crank,
2) Going on a long and narrow bridge.

My next lesson is on Sept. 24. It's computer simulation lesson to learn about potential dangers riders should be aware of. I'm looking forward to learning something new.

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