Thursday, September 7, 2017

Learning To Be a Rider

I'm learning to be a rider of motor cycle. I entered a driving school that's twenty-minute scooter ride from home. I took two lessons on the day I signed up. Mr. U was my teacher. He is a man of few words, and a little shy. He sounded a bit rough when he first saw me, and I was afraid that I would have to behave well in order to win his favor, but his apparent arrogance quickly went away, and he started being friendly. I was relieved. It may be because I listened attentively and never failed to say, "YES, SIR" when he gave me instructions that brought out that amicable attitude from him...

I learned all the basics first, from standing the vehicle, getting it started, and parking. I then made a few circles around the loop. The first lesson was over in a flash.

I took my second lesson immediately after the first one. The teacher was the same, Mr. U. He was kind of smiley to find out the lesson was with me again. It didn't take him long, though, before he realized that I'd had some previous experience with motorcycles. I told him that I was riding a 50cc transmission bike decades before. He cut short some easy steps, and allowed me to do something he was supposed to do in Lesson 3, riding on a long, and narrow steel bridge. It was not easy at first. I lost balance and got off the bridge. The teacher smiled warmly, knowing it would come. The second attempt was successful, and after that I quickly got the hang of it. The lesson was over, and I left school with a great feeling of freedom.

On my way home on my scooter, I thought compared with a regular motorcycle, the scooter was light like a toy.

Days passed, and I found myself looking forward to my next lesson. My next lesson was scheduled on 22nd of September. All the other lessons were booked and I couldn't book any. I started feeling fidgety. I called the school and asked about spot lessons that you can take in case last minute cancellation takes place. I requested one in the morning of 8th, and went to school ten minutes before the lesson started. One of the administrators who had helped me signed up was there to show me the way when I arrived. He suggested writing my name not only in one spot, but also in another if I had time. I did have time, so I wrote down my name in the 9:30-10:20 slot as well.

The chime went off to signal the start of the 8:30 lesson. One of the female administrators who hadn't been there on the day I entered school called my name and let me know a teacher was available to give me a lesson. I was excited. I immediately grabbed my personal file, and dashed to the waiting room outside. Mr. U was my teacher AGAIN! I was glad. From the previous two lessons, I got kind of comfortable with the teacher. He shows things by examples, and his verbal instructions are minimum, but to the point. He also teaches me what not to and why, again with simple and clear words, but with a smile, which is important for a beginner such as myself.

Luckily, I was able to another spot lesson immediately after the first lesson with Mr. U. But this time the teacher was different. I was a little disappointed. But I took his lesson wholeheartedly with concentration.

The lesson was over like a flash. And I left school a happy man. My next lesson is on 22nd. I cannot wait to hit the road on a motorcycle again!

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