Sunday, September 3, 2017

7 × 1 K Intervals

I did seven sets by 1 K intervals with a two-minute rest between sets.
I started off briskly, but I already started running out of glycogen in the third set.
From the fourth set on, no matter how hard I tried,
I couldn't pick up the pace at all.
Time steadily deteriorated until I wasn't sure it was really interval training or not.
I almost quit, feeling so bad about not being able to live up to my own expectations.
But I didn't. I chose to face my present weakness and to go on with it.
The last few sets were so agonizing that I almost puked.
But I slowed down to deal with the discomfort, while miserably being tormented by my inability to increase speed.
But when the final set was done, the whole shitty feeling was all of a sudden
replaced with a joy of completing all seven sets no matter how shitty the times were.
I licked the sweat running all over my face like the Niagara Falls. It was as salty as sea water.
I limped home like a zombie, and had two glasses of water in a row.
When I took a shower and dried my body with a giant bath towel and stood in front of a mirror, I looked two pounds lighter and ten years younger with my face as smooth as cream and rosy like a baby. That's what running does for you!
My next training is either 20 K plus run or 10 by 1 K intervals. I'll make up my mind on which to do and when to do it soon.

Today's result is as follows:
1st K: 3:53.21
Rest: 2:00.11
2nd K: 3:51.07
Rest: 2:00.09
3rd K: 4:03.60
Rest: 2:00.09
4th K: 4:12.48
Rest: 2:00.22
5th K: 4:24.79
Rest: 2:00.21
6th K: 4:24.17
Rest: 2:00.09
7th K: 4:22.19
Total 7 K: 41:12.32 

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