Thursday, March 16, 2017

Interval Training: 1K at 4:00/K by 10 Sets

I did interval training Thursday night after work.
I didn't do it immediately after I got home, because I was exhausted from days of irregular projects like four corporate seminars at a distant place and yet another one starting early this morning.
So I took a nap for three hours after dinner.
When I woke up, I was a new man with fully charged batteries and renewed motivation.
I completed the training like a surgeon conducted an operation, carefully controlling the pace and demonstrating tremendous concentration when required.
Today's laps are as follows:
1st K: 4:02.06
Rest: 2:00.16
2nd K: 3:48.01
Rest: 2:00.37
3rd K: 3:57.97
Rest: 2:00:23
4th K: 3:51.55
Rest: 2:00:34
5th K: 4:02.84
Rest: 2:00:43
6th K: 4:00.66
Rest: 2:00:38
7th K: 3:56.37
Rest: 2:00:51
8th K: 4:04.77
Rest: 2:00:35
9th K: 4:07.41
Rest: 2:00:29
10th K: 3:52.86
Total 10 K: 57:47.56

I am glad I came under 4:10 in the entire ten sets.
Also, I finished well under 4:00 in four sets.
I am getting stronger slowly but surely,
and I feel satisfied.

My next training was originally scheduled for this Sunday.
But I have a seminar in Osaka on that day,
and another on the following day.
So I will most likely shift my training to some other day.
I have a day off on Tuesday, and I'll be staying in Gifu,
because I have a two-day seminar until Thursday.
I will find some good place in Gifu to do my last major training
for the race.
I was originally planning to do interval training: 1 K by 13 sets.
But considering the need to give myself sufficient recovery time,
I may do something less challenging.
Based on the result of today's training, I seem to have more than enough speed
and recovery capacity. I may run 20 K or so at a comfortable pace and call it a day.

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