Sunday, March 19, 2017

Final Interval Training Before Sakura Marathon 2017: 1.08 K by 13 Sets

I have just completed the most challenging and most important training session for the full marathon that I'm running next Sunday. It's 1 K by 13 sets interval training. The session had once been rescheduled from Sunday night to this coming Tuesday as I was between two important seminars on Sunday night and I thought I should rest for the second seminar, but once the first one ended successfully, I felt strong enough to run thanks to positive feedback from participants. Once I took a warm bath and had a relaxed dinner at my favorite restaurant, I was totally confident that I could give it a go. I had a good course in mind after some research on Google map. Running around two blocks around the hotel I stay at makes 500 M. I decided to run it two times to cover 1 K. I did not push so much at first as I was not totally familiar with the area and traffic was unpredictable. My first lap was significantly slower that usual. But I thought it was because of the intentionally careful pacing. However, the time didn't improve much no matter how hard I pushed from the second lap on. Meanwhile as I completed one lap after another, I found myself more tired than usual, and I even developed a slight tension in my right front thigh. I suspected that perhaps it was slightly longer that 1 K that I was running for each lap. When all 13 sets were finally done, I was totally sure that I ran significantly longer than the originally planned distance. So as soon as I got back to my room, I re-measured the distance. It turned out that one round was 540 M, so each lap of 1080 M (1.08 K). No wonder my time wouldn't improve much. But looking back on it, it was good, because I endured longer than usual, and strove harder to shed more seconds off the previous laps. Anyhow, I was so glad that I didn't postpone the session till Tuesday. Now that all of the major training sessions are now over, all I have left to do is 3 K build-up on Thursday night, and 3 K pace run on Saturday night, but the latter may be dropped as by then nothing may change your overall endurance. It's just final conditioning and I can do without it. I will decide whether I do it or not depending on my condition. If I am sleepy, I'll skip it and go to bed early, because rest is by for the most effective conditioning agent.
Today's result is as follows:
1st 1.08 K: 4:27.67
Rest : 2:00.30
2nd 1.08 K: 4:14.89
Rest: 2:00.27
3rd 1.08 K: 4:31.79
Rest: 2:00.16
4th 1.08 K: 4:23.69
Rest: 2:00.34
5th 1.08 K: 4:23.82
Rest: 2:00.13
6th 1.08 K: 4:26.17
Rest: 2:00.23
7th 1.08 K: 4:31.30
Rest: 2:00.63
8th 1.08 K: 4:36.27
Rest: 2:00.50
9th 1.08 K: 4:34.63
Rest: 2:00.40
10th 1.08 K: 4:29.70
Rest: 2:01.25
11th 1.08 K: 4:37.92
Rest: 2:00.29
12th 1.08 K: 4:32.16
Rest: 2:00.23
13th 1.08 K: 4:29.63
Total 14.04 K: 1:22:24

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