Sunday, March 12, 2017

3-Hour Endurance Training in Running Tabi "MUTEKI"

I ran 35 K in 3 hours 8 minutes and 48 seconds.
I ran in split-toe running tabi METEKI.

This is the first part of the double training scheduled for today.
The purpose of double training is to split the full marathon distance
into two parts, one 30 K, and the other 12.5 K,
and run the total distance of 42.5 K in one day in a joint effort.
It became available to me when I dropped the idea
that I only run once in a day.

I did it once only last Sunday,
and today's goal was repeating it again
to build confidence in my endurance beyond 30K.

However, once I started running, I felt stronger that I initially did,
so as I completed one lap after another,
an idea slowly built up that I might be able to go beyond 30 K today.

After I ran 25, though, I became hungry, so I stopped at my home
and grabbed some pineapple, and a cup of hot milk. This lifted my motivation temporarily. I steadily kept on going for another 5 K, and when I achieved my initial goal of running 30 K, I still felt that there was some energy left in my system, plus there was not any significant pain in any part of my both legs, so I decided to go on.

When I run a full marathon, the 30-35 K is the section that's always very, very challenging. It is in this part that your glycogen reserve hits the bottom. Also, you start feeling signs of malfunctioning here and there of your legs. Today as I went on, I pictured myself running this part of Sakura Asahi Kenko Marthon 2017 in order to imprint on my mind a positive image of me running strongly through this section.

The first extra lap (2.5 K) went well. I was still strong enough to go on. So I went in the opposite direction for another extra lap. But as I went on, the temperature started dropping a little by little as the sun slowly went down. And the clear vision of the blue sky and white sporadic clouds was slowly replaced with a grayish vale of clouds and the silver lining of the late afternoon sun hidden behind it. The increasingly deteriorating vision was not entirely because of the changing external environment, but also a result of a change in my internal condition. I was exhausted beyond limit. My vision was getting increasingly blurred and whitish. Luckily, I was only less than one kilometer from home when I finally felt hazardously tired. A prospect of approaching finish gave me a renewed motivation. I gave it one last kick and finished strongly enough.

When I took off my athletic gear and took a long warm bath, it felt as though the countless molecules of water were actually a bunch of Bond Girls caressing my tired naked body. I was simply in seventh heaven!

My next training is tonight. I am going to do a 10 K recovery run.

Here's the result of today's 3-hour endurance training.
1st 2.5 K: 12:42.99
2nd 2.5 K: 13:15.94
3rd 2.5 K: 13:00.86
4th 2.5 K (10 K): 12.56.94/51:56.73
5th 2.5 K: 13:18.61
6th 2.5 K: 13.17.75
Water break: 6.05
7th 2.5 K: 13:13.59
8th 2.5 K (20 K): 13:22.38/1:45:15
9th 2.5 K: 13:20.33
10th 2.5 K: 13.39.12
Food & P break: 3:38.97
11th 2.5 K: 13:10.44
12th 2.5 K (30 K): 13:12.10/2:42:16
13th 2.5 K: 13.17.77
14th 2.5 K (35 K): 13:14.51/3:08:48

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