Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Run: 6 K by 3 Sets Build-Up

It was a rainy day all day today. I had a bad hangover until almost mid afternoon. I took my mother to a sushi restaurant because it's Mother's Day today, but I didn't have much appetite. But by dinner time I felt better, and when dinner was over, I felt just as usual. Luckily the rain had stopped by then. So I decided to hit the road. There was slight stiffness left in my right food, so I decided to run in aqua shoes for protective purpose instead of running barefoot. I ran 6 K three times with a short break between laps. I gradually built up the pace with each lap.

1st 6 K: 32:26.97
Rest: 2:02.60
2nd 6 K: 30:20.81
Rest: 3:12.49
3rd 6 K: 29:25.34
Total 18 K: 1:35:25

Running 6 K in 29:00 is my short-term goal. It's easily doable in itself. But my ultimate goal is to keep that pace 7 more laps without any break. If I can do it, I can finish a marathon under 3:30:00. (Of course, I need to run just a little bit faster because there is 0.195 km more in a real marathon race, and it takes a little less than a minute to run that extra distance.)  When I do build-up training next, I hope to run my 3rd lap in 29:00, and go extra lap to keep the same pace. Eventually, I hope to run all laps in 29:00 without taking a break.

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