Monday, May 7, 2018

24 K Barefoot LSD

Today is the last day of my hour-day holiday. I ran 24 K in the early afternoon as heavy rains were expected in the late afternoon. I ran without shoes to toughen my soles. I ran slowly to develop my long-distance endurance. I ran my favorite 6 K shuttle course 4 times. When the third lap was over, my soles got too sore to continue, so I put on my aqua shoes to run another lap. It felt as if my feet were on a Rolls Royce. It was unbelievably comfortable. But I know I shouldn't be used to it, because my goal is running longer distances without shoes. Hopefully, next time I go for an LSD, I can run more than three laps without shoes.

I am used running 6 K on a daily basis, doing intervals once on a weekday, and one LSD on my day off. I hope to increase the volume of daily training to 10 K. Also, I want to do at least one build-up training where I gradually increase the pace over a long distance. 

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