Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Intervals: 1 K by 7 Sets Preceded and Followed by a 20-Minute Jog

Last night I didn't feel like running presumably because I was still a bit sore from upper body muscle training I had done two mornings before. Tonight I finally fully recovered from the fatigue, so I decided to do intervals instead of the regular 6 K run usually scheduled on Wed. night.

I ran 20 minutes at 4:50/K pace. It's a lot faster than my usual pace of the short run before the intervals.  I had a bite of some sponge cake once I got back home, had some water, and walked to the nearby park where I always do intervals. The target pace was 4:30/K. The interval was one minute. Keeping the right pace and keeping the interval short are both important, but my mind was more on improving the bio-mechanical efficiency of my running from. The laps tonight are shown below:
1st lap: 4:17.46
Jog: 1:00.34
2nd lap: 4:23.49
Jog: 59.97
3rd lap: 4:31.29
Jog: 1:00.13
4th lap: 4:20.77
Jog: 1:00.12
5th lap: 4:21.49
Jog: 1:00.21
6th lap: 4:21.01
Jog: 1:59.98
7th lap: 3:57.15

Ever since I started doing intervals with a one-minute rest, I had been doing only 6 laps, but tonight I did an extra lap with a two-minute rest before it, because I wanted to run at a faster pace at least one lap. I finished slightly under 4:00. I was out of breath, but felt good.

The warm-down jog after the intervals was begun after resting for 6:45.47. I ran at a brisk pace, but slightly slower than the pre-interval one. But this one I ran barefoot. The sole was a bit sore after doing the intervals, but it only helped me become more careful with my running form. With nothing to protect the sole, any instance of inefficiency inevitably resulted in discomfort or pain. Tonight I think I did a pretty good job of avoiding both discomfort and pain. I feel like I'm slowly but surely mastering the art of barefoot running.

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