Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Interval Training in MUTEKI: Mixed K's

Happy new year, fitness fans of the world! Today is the first day of Year 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog. I look forward to sharing with you more of exciting athletic events.

The first training that I chose for this special day is mixed K's. In this training you run one-kilometer repeats at three different paces with breaks of varied lengths between reps. I put on a pair of MUTEKI, because my blister hadn't healed yet, and it needed protection. 

I jogged for 3 kilometers to warm up, and then did my first K, aiming at my full marathon pace of 5:10/K. The first lap was 5:07.97. Not bad. I rested for 30 seconds, and took off for the second rep, this time aiming for my half marathon pace of 4:45/K. I finished at 4:13.90. Way faster than I thought. I rested for a minute and a half, because I needed a longer rest for recovery after increasing the pace. I then left for the third rep, aiming at 4:30/K, which is my 10 K pace. I finished at 4:32.28. Just a little bit slower than I wanted. Once it's done, the rest was the longest, 2 minutes. This is one set. And I repeated it two more sets to cover a total of 9 K by this training, which was more than enough for a man who had run 33 K in bare feet three days ago, and 15 more K the following day, including 20 sets of alternate runs of one-minute fast run and one-minute jog.

I jogged 3 more K to wind up the training. The details of today's training is shown below:

3 K jog: 17:11.20
1st K: 5:07.97
Rest: 29.66
2nd K: 4:13.90
Rest: 1:30.77
3rd K: 4:32.28
Rest: 2:00.36
4th K: 4:38.97
Rest: 30.41
5th K: 4:40.93
Rest: 1:30.42
6th K: 4:20.60
Rest: 2:00.37
7th K: 5:01.57
Rest: 30.31
8th K: 4:30.46
Rest: 1:30.39
9th K: 4:25.03
3 K jog: 16:05.99
Total: 15 K: 1:24:54

My next training will probably be on Wednesday night. I'm planning to slowly run 18 K, with an increase of 3 K from today's distance. 

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