Sunday, January 21, 2018

Experimental Post-Race 6 K Run

On the night of the day I ran a half marathon at my best time, I had a post-race 6 K run just to loosen up my legs and get the blood going through my body so that it could get rid of metabolic waste more quickly (if I'm correct that it helps).

It was perfect weather for a night run. Not too chilly as the sky was covered with clouds. And there was little wind. Traffic wasn't bad so I didn't need to swerve to avoid cars that came from behind so often.

When I ran the race this morning, one thing I missed was hills. Sanspo's course is fairly flat, with the only exception being two pairs of upward and downward slopes over the Mihama Bridge. Tonight I ran the 6 K shuttle course that's rich in undulation with two pairs of long upward and downward slopes of massive steepness. I enjoyed running against the gravity.

Thanks to the post-race short jog, I feel more recovered at least for now than before the training. I'm excited to see how I will feel tomorrow morning as a result of this new attempt of mine. 

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