Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Combo: 5 K Run + 650 M Intervals

After getting a haircut in Tama Plaza this afternoon, I went to Ueno and bought a new singlet. It's a white adidas. As soon as I finished dinner, I threw it over my head, jumped into a pair of NIKE shorts, slipped my feet into split-toe minimalist shoes MUTEKI, and hit the road.

I ran the 2.5 K loop around my house two laps. I then did 650 M interval 7 sets with a 90-second rest between sets except after the 3rd and 5th sets where I extended the rest by 30 seconds to two minute because I needed a longer rest for recovery.

The detail of today's training is as follows:
1st 2.5 K: 12:33.72
2nd 2.5 K: 12:35.47
Rest: 1:30.32
1st 650 M: 2:33.33
Rest: 1:30.21
2nd 650 M: 2:40.50
Rest: 1:30.25
3rd 650 M: 2:40.10
Rest: 2:00.22
4th 650 M: 2:39.59
Rest: 2:00.34
5th 650 M: 2:45.67
Rest: 1:30.22
6th 650 M: 2:40.84
Rest: 1:30.22
7th 650 M: 2:35.76
Total 9.55 K: 55:16.76

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