Sunday, July 23, 2017

10 K Hilly Road Work

With my body's batteries almost fully charged after relaxing all day and having a good dinner on Sunday, I was ready to hit the road. Today I tried a new loop that's 10.8 K. I left home after midnight. The road was deserted and traffic was very little. Every now and then large trucks passed me by, but other than that it was a quiet, lonely run. The new course has three long upward inclines, two in the first half, and the last near the beginning of the latter half. In terms of the length and incline, the last was the toughest. It was a good slope to work on running efficiency and to strengthen glutes. I ran it at a slightly faster than comfortable pace to finish in 59:45.83. I was originally aiming to make two laps, or do intervals after the first lap, but I felt too sleepy to continue, so I called it a day after the first round. All in all, it was a good course. I would like to run it more.

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